EnigmaSignal Trading Chart September 3 – 7, 2018

Trading Chart Sept 3 to 7

EnigmaSignal is a unique artificial intelligence based trading software. It works on all timeframes for just about anything you can trade. In this example trade, the time frame traded is hourly and we are trading the S&P 500 US Index. This is a timeframe that we see being used by many of our members who work full-time and use EnigmaSignal to generate a really nice second income.

What we have here is the chart for the last week.

Five days trading and four trades selected by EnigmaSignal AI and then traded automatically. That’s the beauty of the AI approach. It will trade like a human trader, but more reliably – without you having to spend all your time in front of a screen. All of these trades were made in my account whilst I was in Costa Coffee. Now of course, you don’t have to let EnigmaSignal trade automatically and in fact, we have many people that prefer to use it for high probability signals that they can then choose to trade themselves. Why does that work so well? Simple. There is no interpretation of the signals. The Artificial intelligence will interpret them for you, and simply show you the results.

This series of trades generates a superb 1938 ticks of profit. That’s a pretty amazing return for someone risking only £1 / tick. £1938. And the time taken? No more than 15 minutes per day to check the strategy and make sure that everything is set for the next 24 hours. EnigmaSignal is simple to use, and our complete training package covers everything you need to know to make EnigmaSignal trade according to your rules. Most of the complexities of trading are taken care of by the Artificial Intelligence software, which controls your risk and “thinks” about trades hundreds of times per second so that you don’t have to.

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