Dow drops over 1000 points. We do just fine.

Crikey.  It was a rock and roll ride on the indexes today.  More rock than roll.  FX was a little easier and we did OK.  Not great.  But acceptable. 

Our sequence of EnigmaTrades?  8 + 61.8 + 20.2 + 34.4 – 18.9 – 20.3 for a total of 85.2 points.

That’s not a bad sequence, the two losses though are a significant amount of points but happened over a number.  I should have been flat, but stupidly I got distracted by some new math and forgot to set an alarm.  Banged out at poor prices, but totally my fault.  

Not to worry though.  A good day overall. 

I go into the night carrying some positions.  I very rarely do this but we are at (I believe) a major change point and I will do it then.  My daily chart for GBPUSD is amazing.  The daily has been caught in and above two swarms for 15 trading days,  Not anymore.  It has left with a bang.  And now we have a target zone of 1.3746 to 1.3740.  That’s a long way down.  Same situation on other charts.  For that reason, I am carrying an overnight set of positions.  For me, that is crazily rare.  But so far they are looking good (look below the graph). 

Goodnight all.  See you in the room

 OK so far.  let's keep it coming please.
OK so far.  let’s keep it coming please.