New trader update – results continue to improve

It’s about 8 weeks since we last mentioned our new 19 year old trader.  Then he was brand new to trading and started off nervously but making small profits every day.  Where are we today?  Well.  Here is his trade screen.  A few tiny losses but a raft of profits. 

You’ll notice the trade summary is from his phone.  Why?  because he trades from the phone.  And he gets his chats from the broadcast unit that we have for all of our traders when they are on the move.  

He started with a $10k account and is averaging 4% per week returns.  That means he gets his money back on EnigmaSignal in just 12 weeks, trading very safely.  What a great way to trade and make a second income?  Way to go Samsung and EnigmaSignal.



Boring day, in NQ for the Long Haul.

‘Twas the day before Non-Farm, and all was still.  Bit of a dull one.  Just the odd 60 points on GBP/AUD.  I’m doing a lot of end of day trading right now.  Perfecting the mechanism for our traders that want to work and make an extra few thousand trading part-time.

My NQ remains long from 6325.  Stop moved to 6528 to lock in just over 200 points.  Will be a nice trade considering I spent 2 minutes entering it and under 1 minute a day managing it.