Semi-Automated Trading

Advanced Trade Assist™


Advanced Trade Assist™ (ATA), is an artificial intelligence trader-assistance feature offered by EnigmaSignal that has sentiment detection, adaptive risk control™, self-limiting, ability to automatically money manage a trade without requiring trader intervention and enables trade setups to be chosen and modified to suit the trader profile.


ATA recognises high probability trades, calculated the risk-reward ratio for you in real-time and then opens up a risk optimised trade ticket for the trader to select whether to take the trade or not. Everything about a trade is calculated and can be optimised by the trader. From the Dynamic Profit Zone™ to the stop, which is controlled via the unique Adaptive Risk Control™ zones. Similar in functionality to the AI decision making that allows Telsa™ vehicles to self-drive. Just as Telsa recognise traffic speed, road signs, potential dangers and other factors, so ATA will consider market speed, price warning signs, sentiment, volume and a whole lot more when deciding when to enter, how to move stops to limit risk, when to exit etc. Just like the amazing Tesla™ technology, this is a “hands near” technology development, that allows you to override the technology should you feel the need.


Planned improvements to Advanced Trade Assist™ include automatically transitioning from one trade to another when a better opportunity arises and exiting the trade when your target price is near but statistically unlikely to be met.


Advanced Trade Assist™ is suitable for all traders, from novice to multi-year veterans. If you want to trade better then Advanced Trade Assist™ combined with our Artificial Intelligence-based trader analysis and coaching product, Trader Decipher™ could be the edge that delivers.