Rules based trading

In a risk-based business such as trading, rules are considered by almost everyone as essential for success. Traders that make money consistently usually have 3 main sets of rules.

Rules For Entry

Trade/Money Management Rules

Rules To Exit The Trade

The more defined your rules are the better. Well defined rules help you understand how your system is performing in any given market condition. Subjective, or discretionary traders often become too emotional and uncertain about trading decisions. Emotions create uncertainty. Emotions can ultimately destroy a traders confidence, which then leads to hesitation or missing good trades altogether. Most of the negative emotions associated with trading can be avoided by having clear rules in place.

EnigmaSignal is a trading system based on algorithms and rules. The rules can be configured by the trader to ensure that the rules suit their trading needs and style. EnigmaSignal rules can be configured to support day-trading, swing trading, position trading and more. Once the trader has configured the rules, EnigmaSignal will either assist the trader to work within the rules if they choose to work in Trader Assist mode or implement the rules if they run in Autonomous Trade mode.