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    Enigmasignal comes in a single product that is designed to offer the trader high-probability trades to take for any instrument on any timeframe. Forex, indexes, stocks, commodites and more. EnigmaSignal is available for lease or purchase as follows:

  • 90 Day Membership
  • Annual License
  • Ownership (private trader)
  • Institutional/Fund Management
    Every version of EnigmaSignal can be operated in one of three modes – manual, Trader Assist™ (semi-automated) and of course Autonomous Trade™ (fully automated mode.) EnigmaSignal is a complete algo trading product that empowers you as a trader whether you are a novice or a seasoned veteran.

    Whatever EnigmaSignal memberhsip you opt for, they all come with the same level of support. Our aim is to enable you to trade Algos successfully and to do this we offer comprehensive trainign and support, including :

  • Boot Camp
  • Daily / weekly market highlights seminars
  • Support videos
  • Live training and support seminars