Position Trading

EnigmaSignal is used by many traders to position trade. A position trader is someone who holds a position for longer periods of time. Often they hold them for weeks or even months, and occasionally years. Position trading is about being less concerned with short-term fluctuations and the news – unless it impacts the big picture behind the position being traded.

For example, if you short sell a currency because you think it will go down say 15% over a year, as a position trader you would be unlikely to worry if it went up by 0.5% in a day. You would see it as a normal price fluctuation – no prices move in a straight line.

Position traders do not trade actively but many still use EnigmaSignal to help them in a number of areas. First, EnigmaSignal can be used to determine entry points for a trade and also stops. EnigmaSignal will also calculate trade targets as well. The scientific approach of EnigmaSignal to trading is what makes the calculations valid on any timeframe. So if you are a position trader looking for long-term trades, EngimaSignal could be a very valuable weapon in your armoury.

Is Position Trading for You?

All investors and traders should match their trading style with their own personal goals, and each style has its pros and cons. No trading is without risk. You must only trade with capital that if you lose it, will not impact your finances in an unduly a negative way.

Once you have fully evaluated the risk of trading, and assuming you decide trading is for you, then the first consideration should be what type of trading system to purchase. EnigmaSignal is a multi-timeframe, multi-instrument trading system. That means it is capable of finding trades for you, regardless of your trading style. As a position trader, you are likely to trade from the daily chart or perhaps even weekly. Just as with any other timeframe, EnigmaSignal will show you trade setups automatically and you can decide if you wish to trade them.