High probability trades

There is no such thing a loss-free trading system. Every system and every trader will have losses at some point. Trading is a risky business. One key to successful trading is to only take high probability trades. Many systems rely on interpreting a trading signal. Having to interpret something will almost always decrease the chances of success. It adds time to the process, induces fear (did the lines really cross?) and is generally inefficient.

EnigmaSignal does not need any interpretation. It shows you clearly that a signal has been detected. EnigmaSignal draws a trade signal on screen as a “packaged high-probability trade”. In manual mode, this means it shows you the suggested entry point, stop, trade profit target and more. In automatic mode, EnigmaSignal will do all of this plus enter the trade for you and then run the trade (moving stops down etc).

By using Markov model mathematics and probability theory (amongst other algorithms) to calculate support and resistance plus likely price movements, EnigmaSignal can assess hundreds of signals per second and only present high probability trades to the trader for potential action.

With EnigmaSignal you really are “driving” an algorithmic trading system that puts you in complete control of every aspect of a trade. You control the type of trade you want to enter, the way you want to enter, when you will enter, the price, stops, limits (trade targets) and a whole lot more. We believe it is one of the most comprehensive solutions on the market. With a zero risk, low cost three month trial available, why not try it and see?