Forex Trading

FOREX is the acronym for Foreign Exchange, where one country’s currency is exchanged for that of another through a floating exchange rate system. It is the world’s largest financial market, with an estimated daily average turnover of more than $1.75 trillion (that’s $1,750,000,000,000!!)

FOREX trading is carried out electronically, between a network of banks and other large financial institutions, continuously over a 24-hour period from Sunday afternoon USA time to Friday afternoon USA time. The FOREX market is one of the most popular markets for traders due to its enormous size, liquidity, and the tendency of currencies to move in strong trends.

EnigmaSignal is a rules-based trading system that is used to trade forex. Based on our tried and tested trading signals, you decide exactly how you want to trade. EnigmaSignal contains universal algorithms that can be applied to any markets and any time (or tick) charts including the global stock markets. EnigmaSignal can detect trends, trend changes and also crucially, markets that do not have a trend. The team behind EnigmaSignal has provided investment banks and hedge funds with algorithms designed to deliver optimal buy and sell signals for forex as well as dynamic risk-control for forex traders since 2003.

With EnigmaSignal you learn how to trade forex and how to set the rules for exactly how you want to trade. EnigmaSignal Quant Trader can operate in three modes, with varying degrees of automation. This can vary from fully manual to fully automatic. The third way is in “Trader Assist” mode, where EnigmaSignal will show you live signals, and you decide if you wish to trade them or not.

EnigmaSignal will work with any forex “pair” some of the most popular being GBP/USD, USD/CAD and USD/JPY.

Many brokerage firms allow positions to be leveraged up to 100:1 or 200:1. This level of leverage in the FOREX market is definitely not for everyone. Forex trading should only be conducted with risk capital funds that if lost will not significantly affect one’s personal financial well being.