Why don’t you offer a free trial?
We get this a lot, and our answer never changes. They don’t work for the trader and they don’t work for us. They don’t work because nobody has any skin in the game. We have professional quality algo trading platform and it needs some commitment from the trader to learn it and a commitment from us to train the trader. We found from experience that with no financial commitment traders were often lazy and didn’t attend Boot Camp. The Boot Camp experience is essential to achieving success. The cost of the three-month trial doesn’t cover our boot camp costs, but we know a very high percentage of people that make it through Boot Camp go on to become full members, so we will make the investment. We need you to make an investment also.

Do you trade yourselves?
Absolutely, we trade EnigmaSignal every day both for ourselves and for a Regulated Fund. In fact for several regulated funds.

Am I smart enough to trade with algos?
If you are smart enough to drive a car, then definitely. EnigmaSignal is designed to make algo trading simple. Think of it like this. You may not be smart enough to design the automated control systems on a Tesla, but can you drive one? For sure.

Do you make money from me trading?
Nope. We take no commissions or anything else from your trading.

What are the best things to trade?
This is an interesting question. There are no real “best” things to trade. We trade forex, S&P (emini), DAX, SPY, oil, bonds and some highly liquid stocks. What we don’t trade ourselves are cryptos and some other commodities (such as soybean) that we believe you need to have specialist knowledge to trade. We would recommend starting trading cautiously. First off, use a demo account. Get to know EnigmaSystem with no “live” money at stake. Then start with small value trades. Perhaps a mini-lot of GBPUSD. That won’t make you rich, but it will get you into the swing of things. Give you what the professionals call “market touch”. Then over time increase your positions size and also diversify into other instruments. This is called a structured trading plan. As part of your education, we will help you make one.

Why do you continue to spend on research?
Our background is investment banks, hedge funds and IT companies. Research is one of the keys to continuing success. When someone says that they “discovered the key to the markets 20 years ago and have decided to share it” … it is simply untrue. If they had done so, the last thing they would do is share it. We are honest with you. EnigmaSignal is a product that gives you an edge in the battle to succeed. That’s all you need. An edge. We continually research to ensure our edge is maintained and increased.