EnigmaSignal Quant Trader – Manual Mode

When you run EnigmaSignal in manual mode with EnigmaSignal Quant Trader™ connected, your trading screen will look similar to the chart above. On the screen, you can see the Quant Trader user panel and of course the charts screen.
The trade shown is a projected high breakout trade. Notice the red line marked “projected high”. These projections are made for any time period and they are made in advance. These key numbers are calculated by our trading algos. Here we have a daily projection, and we are trading the hourly chart. On close over the projected high EnigmaSignal™ will suggest a trade entry for you, and “load up” the trade panel ready for you to trade. When you trade you are in a business where you risk money on your judgement. EnigmaSignal™ will only show you high probability trades that meet your criteria. If you like the trade – you take the trade by pressing BUY/SELL. If you want to use your current trading platform then that’s just fine. EnigmalSignal™ will show you trade opportunities and the rest is in your control.