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For All Traders From Total Novice to Highly Experienced.
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Swarm AI Targets™
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AI Algo Trading
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Financial trading is a risky business. Without an edge, it is hard to be profitable. EnigmaSignal has been designed to give you a serious edge when you trade. With EnigmaSignal you have the power of algorithm based trading on your side.

EnigmaSignal also uses new developments in computing and mathematics (“big data” plus “deep learning”) to create algorithms that detect when the trend is changing and predict where the trend is likely to take the price. EnigmaSignal uses these scientifically calculated numbers to control risk and take profits.

EnigmaSignal works with any market and any time interval. It does not matter whether the market trades stocks, bonds, futures, forex or any other freely traded market. EnigmaSignal works equally well with position trading, swing trading or day trading.

EnigmaSignal will find trades for you and also trade them for you if you engage the unique Advanced Trade Assist™ or Autonomous Trade™ features within the product. Your job? Design the strategy for Enigma to trade. After that, you can do whatever you wish. Relax, go to the gym, work. Anything.

EnigmaSignal does not offer a free trial. Instead we offer a three-month full user licence and training for just $1,495. That includes our Trader Boot Camp, full access to classes, one to one coaching and much more. It is a comprehensive trial of an advanced trading machine.

By the end of the ninety-day experience, you will know how to algo trade. You will learn how to design trading strategies that trade according to your trading style. Strategies that precisely control risk and run every trade with precision, and according to rules that you define.

Enigma will trade your strategies for you without emotion, at high speed and with perfect concentration.

EnigmaSignal is your personal trading machine.