“Amen Corner” just wasn’t meant to be

Every year I watch the final round of the US Masters live.  And every year I think to myself how simple the game of gold actually is.  I mean basically, you have to get a ball into a hole. That’s it.  No more.  No less.  Should be simple.  Then normally within a couple of weeks I get my clubs out and confirm why I have never taken part in the Masters.  I’m not 100% sure but I think it’s down to what professionals call a “total lack of ability”.  Sure.  I can get around a course, but I’m no Rory McIlroy or Jordan Speith. 

What makes me really angry is that I have the exact same equipment, but I still don’t drive the same distance or putt as well. That’s crazy I hear you say.  You don’t practice 40 hours a week and you aren’t a pro.  Why not settle for just getting to single figure handicap and doing really well when you play?

The strange thing is that many of the people I speak to expect the same thing with trading.  People buy a “robot” and expect it to make money automatically.  That’s crazy.  Robots don’t work.  Why would anyone sell one that did?  So does that mean you can’t make money trading?  Absolutely not.  The opposite applies. 

The rules for golf and trading will seem familiar ……..

Buy the best equipment you can.  Learn to use it.  Get lessons.  Get your handicap down.

Now we think the best equipment is EnigmaSignal.  In fact, we are sure it is.  We know it is proven to make money.  We publish our track record.  We trade it.  And you can learn to trade it too.  Get your handicap down.  Make awesome money as a low handicap trader.