Lose some, win some for another 300+ point day

Not a great morning to be honest as both my daily stops were hit.  Not bad though as we banked 200 points on the Dow and 50 on NQ.

The wonderful thing?

We went right back to our buy levels and we did the whole darned thing again!!

Remember our daily buy level of 6325?  We had an order n there with a wide 40 point stop.  We were in the daily trade again.  Ended the day with 200 points up.  We remain in the trade now and have a protective stop at 6498.  I also had a nice day trade (see below)

Long at 6370.  Immediate limit order put in at 6425.  80% chance of the trade winning.  See the chart below.  Entry candle marked (close of this).  Targets set (yellow above).  Stop set to trail (highlight yellow, outlined in blue).   Set and forget trading at its best.

Set it.  Forget it.  Walk away.  I went for a nice coffee and a relax.  Came back and boom.  Banked.  Love it.  All this and a cheeky USD/JPY trade as well.