Why I listen to Chopins “Raindrop” Prelude, Op 28, No. 15

There are times when after you place a trade you just have to think about things.  The Raindrop prelude focusses on inner confliction and the contemplation of the solitary self.  I’ve included a link to this as well as my screen shots.  Do give it a listen.

As you will know if you read these regularly I have been short and long of GBP/AUD on and off for a couple of weeks.  Always hoping for a big short to come. 

Friday early morning we had yet another short signal and I duly took it.  Then I listened to Chopin.  It’s a piece that really suited my mood.   Would I finally see a trade that would deliver BIG?  I mean don’t get me wrong I’ve had over 500 points from the pair in the last couple of weeks but I wanted more and I wanted to stay in for as long as I can. 

As at close of play, I am 414 points ahead.  I’m now waiting for the markets to open in the Far East.  When they do I shall adjust my stop.  And let it all run overnight I hope. 

Meanwhile, on indexes, one of our newer traders managed to take a delightful $980 on the NQ and other made a whole heap elsewhere.  What a great day! (see below)

In other news, our Ninja and Sierra trade versions are coming on wonderfully.  The Sierra auto trader is also looking great and after that …. we shall work on the Ninja Auto Trader.  Thes products will let you day trade even if you work.  And …. we will likely make them available “in the cloud” so you can check on them from anywhere and not worry about power outages and things like that at home.  The power of Chopin.  It makes one think easier.