Over 400 points on the Dow plus more on Treasuries

In the UK it was a public holiday for Easter Monday.  No such luxury in America where everyone seemed to be back at work after a single day off.  The weather over this lovely 4-day break has been simply atrocious in England.  Non stop rain.  Terrible. It thus made a lot of sense for me to trade, despite having to brave the M25 for what should have been a 60-minute journey but ended up lasting over four hours. 

Before travelling I had put a short in place after a “swarm break” and a red sentiment indicator.  The initial target was 100 points below the entry price and I would have been happy with that.

When we broke that price we had three subsequent targets set, but before we could reach the final target we were stopped at 23611.  It was a fun day to be a passenger in a car. 

Monitoring the charts on my phone and adjusting my stop every 5-15 minutes.  Everyone said I was boring but let’s face it, I was the only one in the vehicle making over $2k for the journey.

The predictions were superb again today, there was literally ZERO option of going long until you had banked at least 400 points on the short.  There was a long trade afterwards but by then it was late and I’d exceeded my profit target so TBH I wasn’t even looking at my screen.