Blue Monday

Why blue?  Because blue is the colour my broker uses to show profit and today was a day where my screen was filled with blue.  So much so that I couldn’t fit them all in the screenshot so I’ve shown just a few.  One losing trade in the day and one break even but a day for smashing profits.  We are in a real purple patch right now.  Making money every day, and teaching a number of new partners how to do the same.

We’re now seeing people convert to Enigma from other products out there.  Pretty much all of the converts are seeing more profitable trades than they have ever seen before.  Those that haven’t will do as soon as they just go with the product and stop adding in extra bits of noise like Moving Averages and the like.  

On eMini we’ve taken 24 points in the past 24 hours.  Zero losses.  One a single contract that’s $1200 with a single contract.  Similar results on NQ.  Incredible ROI.