400 points in the Dow. $2000 in an afternoon and one trade.

Well.  The Dow.  What can you say?  On our charts, its know as the US30 for copyright reasons but perhaps it should be called the ATM30 because taking cash out from here was so simple today. 

Why?  A straightforward SR1 reversal with confirmation from the sentiment.  Then it’s light the blue touch paper and stand back and watch the fun.  Sentiment stays on green on all the way to 27000 and the upper swarm.  Some people left the trade then with $1500 in their pocket.  That’s close to 2 weeks of the median wage in the USA.  

Lovely day.  Lovely trade.  Not the only trade of the day but IMO the nicest one.  That said our resident Bond Trader had a rather splendid day as well…  why not join us in the trading room and find out for yourself how and why EnigmaSignal will take you to a different level of performance.