Sterling has more bounce than Tigger – EnigmaSignal bounces higher still

Crumbs.  It was a hectic day on the markets with a lot of volatility.  We didn’t have enough traders to take every trade we could see.  Choosing was hard but in the end, we went for a few 10 Year Treasury trades, a lovely Nasdaq trade and a few currency trades in GBP. 

The GBP trades were all SHORT and delivered a very lovely 350 points (at least $1150).  The crazy thing is that we then missed the entire retracement of the fall …. and Sterling ended the day UP overall.  How crazy is that?  We made 350 points, but it could have been 700 had we had more people trading with us.

This is possibly going to be a week where we make $10k on a $20k account.  We love weeks like that.  Accept no substitutes.  Trade Enigma Style.