Hectic week – late on the blogs – but a cool $2k on one trade.

I’ve been so busy . just haven’t had time for daily blogs.  We had a good week, despite not trading at all on FOMC day.  Why didn’t we trade?  Because we knew it would be a risky one and it never does any harm to just relax away from the markets for a day.  We came back with a bang on Friday and smashed out as huge 111 point trade in the Nasdaq (NQ) index.  It was a huge trade and was textbook.  For our fund, it was great news also adding 1.5%++ to the accounts.  Loved it.  Loved the week.  Another $5k week on a $20k account without risking more than 0.5% on a trade.  Happy.  And the coming week?  Easter is nearly here.  So let’s move into the break with a nice little profit.