Slow trading day with 130 points profit

Its was quite a quiet day today, but we still managed to make 133 points profit on our account and many of our traders made a heck of a lot more.  At just $5 per point risk that is $665 profit.  You can do the math on trading a full contract.

We were off to good start in the morning and it simply got better all day until late PM UK time when we stopped for the day.  The fun didn’t end there though as our USA team carried on where we left off and took an additional 150 points from the Dow. 

It was a day for patience, rules and disciplined trading.  Three Tenets that EnigmaSignal holds dear to its heart.  It was a real pleasure to trade today.  It was relaxed Enigma trading at its best.  I think the most any trade went against me was 5 pips and 0.5 pts on the S&P.  Unusual?  Slightly, but we traded really passively today. 

We could have taken 20 trades but took only the FS (flat swarm) trades.  All our trade types are documented and will be in videos by next week to increase our traders’ learning and ensure they make the profits they deserve to make.

Two trades on gbpaud today – simple.  profitable.