Tillerson gets fired. I simply surrender.

A wild ride today saw the markets go crazy for a while.  The day started OK for me and I had a nice little opening trade.  The morning (UK) was choppy as hell and I didn’t make another trade until 1pm when 4 trades hit at the same time. 

My strategy is always “stop to breakeven” as soon as possible.  It pays off in the main, especially on days like today when the chop is ruthless.  BUT it also means unless the market trends, you can miss out on some nice profits also.  Today was no different.  I missed out on over 100 pips of GBPAUD profit with a stop too tight and same on GBPUSD.  In them both and was too cautious.  The flip side?  I didn’t lose anything on some trades that whipsawed viciously.  Win some.  Lose some.  but right now …. I just want a cup of tea and a nice sleep.

By the end of the day I’d ended up trading 8 times for a total profit of under $175 on the room account.  On my personal account …