166 pips and 3-6 S&P Points. Happy Monday.

Quite an odd day really.  We got off to a flying start last night UK time and had a rip roading morning in the UK.  Isaac was smart, he had banked his daily target by 11am and gone home.  I ended up still sitting here at 930pm after the markets dried up around me. 

I’m actually sitting here writing this waiting for the Asian markets to open. 

Still long of USDJPY @ 106.33.  Stop at 106.35 (I want a win after this long – even 2 points).

And … just to be more transparent we show all trades from the room here now:


We decided to start this as it’s easier for everyone to follow all trades.  Enjoy!  In fact, enjoy that whilst I sit here for two hours waiting for the markets to either give me 20 pips profit or take me out of this Yen position.