Three big S&P points then off to bed

I was thinking it was going to be a dull evening.  The 5 minutes into the session we had a lovely buy in the S&P with a target set for 3 points.  My mum says to me “never look a gift horse in the mouth”.  I have no idea what a gift horse is, and I’d never look in an animals mouth but I took her advice and the trade. 

The chart is pretty clear.  Well, very clear.  Close first candle above the day trader swarm.  Sentiment green.  Target set (marked in yellow).  I set my limit and just took the 3 points because I want some sleep.

I could have taken a lot more (now trading 2797.25) but you know the way I trade.  In.  Take profits.  Leave.  A nice $300 before bed on 2 contracts for myself and 3 more for my kids.

The week is off to a nice start.  A $300 bonus if you like.  Let’s all have a good one people.