Half day of trading. Time for a break.

It was always going to be a slow day.  With the Asian markets closed and the USA going into the  Presidents Day holiday, there was no real prospect of seeing the major players push the markets around.  And so it was. 

Very little happened at all and I was guilty of aggressively hunting positions instead of being patient. 

I ended up going long on USD/CAD despite the swarm support not being in the optimal position.  I suppose I was trying to be clever.  It wasn’t. 

It was my first loss in 25 positions taken.   9.6 point.  Stupid. 

After that, I held another four positions, but on this slow day, nothing got going.  I finally gave up and went for a long walk and an early day at about 2pm.  I’d had enough. 

We get days like this.  Thankfully they are rare.  Luckily I was able to walk it all off an returned to my Matlab programming environment to continue work on the next level of EnigmaSignal.  We know we make great profits, but we must seek to improve every day. 

Success is about getting the markets right.  Not about money.  It is the former that defines EnigmaTraders.  We get the markets right, and the money follows.