Slow day but we book 54 points. No losses for 2nd day running.

With Chinese New Year we were expecting a slow down in activity and it duly arrived.  Not a bad thing really as sometimes its just nice to relax and take a break from the markets.  That’s what I did after a quite a long day with a mix of tiny profits (2.2 points and 0.7) and some chunkier (22 and 18). 

In all honesty, haul it was a day that dragged but with a 50 point haul it was financially worth it. 

As for Friday?  I’m not going to do much trading because of Chinese New Year and also because I really want a break.  Just a day to myself and to think about life.  Right now a wonderful friend of mine has a serious illness.  It puts this all into perspective. I’d trade every point I’ve ever made to see her well again. 

Trading is just trading.  Money is just money.  But life is precious. 

Make sure you enjoy the good times when they come along.  

“This too shall pass” applies in good times and in bad. When things are going your way, enjoy it because there will come a time when they are not. And when you’re going through a tough time remember that it won’t last forever and you’ll eventually get through it. 

That’s life.  That’s trading.