Kung Hei Fat Choi! Happy New Year – with 353 points in the bag in a day

It’s Chinese New Year.  So a massive Kung Hei Fat Choi! to all our Asian traders. 

WOW, WOW, WOW did we have a day today.  12 trades No losers.  353 points.  

Here’s the account (below).  Check it out.  No trades removed.  Nothing edited apart from the amount (we have to do that in the EU).  This was a very wild day.  One massive movement just after the US numbers were announced, and the market went crazy for 15 minutes.

We also saw a wonderful result from a 4 week veteran of the room, the incomparable Mitch58.  Such a nice guy and he smashed a nice +83 points.  So pleased and proud of his work so far.  He will be making 50 points a day before the summer.

That’s the power of EngimaSignal.  Decoding the markets.  Creating traders.