Can you die of boredom?

Every so often it happens.  A day when literally almost nothing happens.  This was one of those days and I chose today to start training the newest member of our trading team here in the UK.    

But the new lad took it well, and maybe we will see him tomorrow.  Although he did look a little lifeless at times.

Anyways so we start new traders off with a small $5000 account.  Why?  Because we want them to risk real money but not so much that it unnerves them.  Trading a demo account is good, but we know EnigmaSignal delivers and if we don’t trust it then how can others?

Max risk per trade at 1% is, therefore, £50 in the UK ($50 in the USA).  For a young man of 19 though, in his first job, it’s still a nervy thing. So I show him the trade (below) that the USA team under Abe took yesterday while we slept, 48 points for a $960 profit. 

And I casually remark “I’m sure we can do better than that”.  Oh dear.  How wrong was I?

Long story short.  We watched.  Nothing happened.  We were supposed to have a meeting but Komey called in and said his baby may arrive early, so that was cancelled.  It didn’t as far as I know but even six hours in a hospital was better than what we endured.  No movement basically.  We ended up taking three trades,  All half positions and all of them ended up being stopped out for either no movement or minimal movement.  Got to be honest.  It was a feeble day in Europe.  But our new guy at least turned a profit on his first day. 

One loser, two winners – for a grand total of £32.34 (about $40) profit.  Now that’s for a first time, first-day trader, risking $3 per pip.  Before 9am today he had never seen EnigmaSignal.  Let’s see what he can do tomorrow. In fact, lets see if he turns up tomorrow.