Friday morning? I’m loving it

Fridays are a mystery to me.  I never really liked them. Never have.  And today I have a splitting headache, so it’s even worse.  I had a late night last night working on some new maths, and it’s looking good.  Great for all our subscribers in fact.

Simple trade this morning. 

Short at (1) – $10 @ 1.7296  
Short again at (2) – $10 @ 1.7280

All out at 1.7245 on the Enigma “predictive dive” ™ number.  

Total pips: 86 @ $10 = $860 before breakfast.  See the Whatsapp for me, live, having breakfast with my daughter.  When life is tough.  And you have a banging headache.  Only a McDonalds will do (corporate sponsorship is welcome McDonalds). 

iPhone 7 plus.  McDonalds breakfast.  Scott checking on the trading and a nice long meeting.  Professional trading has to be one of the best lifestyles around.