Our free trading room launches! Happy days.

It’s been a hectic past few days.  Trading and preparing for the “soft” launch of our new and free forever trading room.  So we’ve been less busy calling trades than we would have liked.  

Today started off with a nice little set of AUD&NZD v USD trades.  Both long and netting us a quick 29.8 points.  Not a bad start.

We then didn’t get many shots at trades for a while.  One trade was the CAD trade below (in the public and free room), whilst in the private room we traded an S&P bounce for 51 points in UK spreadbet terminology (5 points in S&P futures points).  Overall?  Another profitable day with 39.8 points on forex and 5 big points on the S&P futures.  Tomorrow?  Thats another day.