A day off then a great day at Wembley Stadium



Yesterday I was off.  Feeling a little under the weather and so I just didn’t trade.  Never do when I feel like that as it clouds judgement.  The plan was to go to Wembley Stadium for today then work the US session only.  As it turned out the markets looked really interesting so I ended up trading purely on my phone.  And oh, what a day!! 67.9 points (679 pips) on one trade alone – see below.  Even at $1 a point, that’s a year’s subscription almost paid for in one trade alone.  We then took another 10.3 points or 103 pips from the CAD.  PLUS 7 big points on the S&P.  A superb days trading.  

And all from my phone, whilst I was at Wembley (selfie below – it was raining but that’s life).  We had a lot of follower traders on their phone s also, which made the day even better.  We send out all trades via Telegram within one minute of our trading.  Pretty much always enough time to catch the moves as we seek 15m to 4-hour moves.  We send out a warning that a trade may be coming.  Then the trade itself.  You can learn to trade alongside us. 

The education is priceless, and over time could lead to you becoming a full time trader.