Plenty of wins but less profit than a normal day

Today was a very average day.  Despite the crazy trending markets,  We traded less well than a normal range day.  That often happens.  We were the right way around a few times but the market was really jumpy.  And that made us run tight stops.  And that made it harder to get a trade going.  The saving grace was we were not constantly trying to short the market.  Many did and many would have lost a lot of money. 

We just failed to capitalise on the trades.  Partly that was because we introduced our new sentiment indicator.  And partly its just how it works. Who could believe the GBP would be up another 1% on the day? 

Not me, and that what made it hard for me to stay in a trade.  All day.  Anyway … here are the unedited results.  Trading very lightly today incidentally as we were implementing our new and simplified sentiment indicator, which acts as a great safety net against taking poor trades.

Today poor trades wasn’t the problem.  Staying in them was.

9 winners.  2 losers.  $350 banked, but remember I was trading at $5 / pip not $20.

A good day?  In some ways.  Great for all our traders as we got some major upgrades to the math implemented.  Not so great for my trading or my head.