Newbie does well again – 40 pips in a morning

It’s Sunday night.  Haven’t written Fridays blog yet because I was too busy checking some math.  A slightly tweaked stop/target mechanism is now in place.  Will run it alongside the current version of a few days. 

So all I am going to do is show you the results from Friday of a new trader, who is simply following our calls and choosing the ones he likes.  We called twelve trades, he selected four.  Stopped after that as he was in meetings. 

One loser. Three winners.  And he missed two losers, six winners.

As he said, “my months’ subscription covered on day one!!”.

Meanwhile, back to the Pats v Jags.  I’m thinking the Jags could win this one.  Going into the second half 14 to 10 with Gronk probably out for the game …. has to be a chance.