Happy New Year – 2018 first trade

2018 forex trading got off to a lovely start with GBP/AUD offering us a lovely little “cloudburst” short just two hours after opening for the New Year.  Of course it required me to be sober but as I don’t drink alcohol that was no stress at all.

Only a half entry at 1.7320 for £10, but the second half kicked in at the next candle for the exact same price, which was lovely a £20 full load trade.  Cue bedtime and an Enigma Smartstop ™ set.  Maximum risk £400.  Trade objective of 58 points or £1160.  Well within my parameters for the trade, especially as the Enigma Smartstop would bring me to breakeven within 15 minutes.

Oh what fun to get up at 0830 and see that we had a completed trade for 78 points.  

2018 is underway with 78 points and £1560 banked.  Super start to the year.  Sadly i wasted the rest of the day waiting for another trade to happen, but nothing was doing at all on any of the four currency pairs I watch. 

My next move is to create a nice alerts system so I don’t waste so much time looking at a screen.  Why?  Because I’m really thinking of travelling and trading for a few years in the next few years,  With SpaceX asking the FCC for permission to launch 4,425 satellites to provide high-speed internet around the globe, this should become a very feasible thing to do.  Alerts that are ultra high quality will make this a really cool way of making my living and seeing the world in a nice way.  More of this later ……