Old dogs taught new ticks

A strange day.  I usually watch only 4 pairs as you know.  But our VP of The Americas, Abe Cofnas showed me a delightful website that will show us the pairs that are moving.  I liked his turn of phrase “let’s go where the pretty girls are”.  He said that to me once before in a bar.  It didn’t end well, but maybe our definition of pretty is different.  I just don’t find beards attractive on women, but each to their own I guess.

The trading day had been really average up then with two small (12 pip and 8 pip) losses with a 19 pip winner to leave me $20 down on the day.  The day was then duly saved by two trades.

One the first chart you see EUR/USD.  Losing short becomes winning long within a few bars, we go onto make 46 pips @ $20 for $920.  The day ends $900 up.  But read on ….. see the trade I missed plus one happening as I write this.

The one I missed…. short on NZD/CHF.  Why?  I never watch it.  But Abe showed me how to where to look to get the best movers of the day in the way Iike to see them.  Will test and add to our box of tricks.  

And finally, a trade that is going right now.  Long USD on breakout.  Clearly indicated as marked – cloudbreak.  No idea where it will end and I’m going to bed, long $20 @ 1.3804 with a trailing stop 10 pips behind the high.  Will let you know what happens when I wake up.

 Nice long.  Mega trends start like this.
Nice long.  Mega trends start like this.