America sleeps. Dollar sleep walks.

MLK day in America so I was expecting not a lot to happen.  And duly …. not a lot happened.  Joined on a Webex by a US trader and a Canadian, we waited.  And after 90 minutes we had had just 2 simple trades.  One winner.  One loser.

One a failed long on GBPNZD – loss of 9 pips. 
Then a successful short on the GBPNZD to give me a net 12 points (after the loss).

It was dire stuff.  As it was late I left the screen running and my American/Canadians to watch (and probably sleep).  Lovely feeling then for me to wake up and see a nice long GBP/AUD.

Long at 1.7288, looking for 1.7233 – 45 pips profit and a limit in to take all profits there.
Stop set to 1.7300 as you can see in the live picture below.  My note made the trade completely clear for them to see when they woke up, I was going to be in London all day so I had to just leave my trade to fend for itself.  

Bottom line, I left the stop plus the limit order in place.  I was driving so I couldn’t even check the charts or change any parameters.  Not a bad feeling though as I had locked a few points in before I left.

Scroll to the bottom of the blog to see the end result, a rather pleasing 45 x $20 = $900 profits plus 12 pips earlier @ $10 = $120 for a nice $1020 on the day.

For clarification, the earlier trades were 1/2 position only as we didn’t get a full trade signalled.