All Black for the NZ Dollar

As anyone who knows anything about rugby knows, the World Champions are the New Zealand All Blacks.  I’d never even looked at the NZD before today and it was a lovely day to do so.  The weather here was as we say “cats and dogs” (honestly, the Brits say that), so staying in and trading was a lovely thing to do.  Not a lot of activity in the morning, then a trip to Costco to purchase enough Vodka to put an elephant to sleep (not me, our 19-year-old trainee trader Stan).  Came back to the office and then saw some major clouds appearing on the NZD and a short trade signalled with cloud entry just after 5pm.

Entry at 1.8695 and currently still in the trade at 1.8627.  It’s Stans trade so we’re only trading at $5 a point as he is training.  $340 profit so far.  $300 locked in and we will run it overnight with an intelligent stop. 

Oh and the Vodka?  See the picture below the chart.  The weird thing?  The kids don’t even drink the Vodka, they collect the bottles and leave them unopened.  Now I don’t drink alcohol so that’s no issue to me, but collecting bottles of it?  That’s just plain weird.