If only I was a trading insomniac

Ah.  Waking up at 9am to one that got away.  A clear break over the cloud cover at about 5am, when I was tucked up in bed.  The stop would have kept me in the trade for a clear 30 points on a full position entry.  That’s £600 profit I missed. 

Check out the chart below, then read my thoughts on this miss afterwards.

  Clear long.  But when I was sleeping!!
Clear long.  But when I was sleeping!!

So why am I not irritated by this?  Because once again EnigmaSignal was spot on.  Only a 2% loss probability again, and this trade was never in a loss situation.   And I know that we will get one or more of the opportunities per day.  Forever.  

So I don’t see it as £600 lost.  I see it as £600 not meant for me.  Not this time.  I will wait for the next trade, and take that one.  I am also reminded of the following piece of wisdom from Buddha.  I’m sure he didn’t mean it about trading, but it applies anyway.