A century for Cook. £420 for AUD short sellers

Well.  Cricket trading is turning out to be a profitable business for me.  Waiting for Cook to take to the field I mirrored my laptop screen to my second TV (a rather nice Samsung 50″ 4K number, that only cost £369 in the sales!).  As much as anything, I wanted to test the new setup out.  It’s quite nice.  Easier than constantly walking over to a laptop.  I can see the screen from 20ft away, and I avoid that horrible trading thing of screen fixation.  

Anyway, at 0015 we received a confirmed “full position” short trade on GBP/AUD.   £20 is my maximum position at the moment.  Light trading as the volume is thin.  As you may imagine this was not a short trade.  Aussies love their sport and there can’t have been many people trading it. 

Cook was playing cautiously as well and moved slowly along, rather like this trade.  With the trailing stop in place, we ended up being taken out of the trade for just 23 points profit.  The stop was too close to the jumpy markets, but I didn’t want to run the trade manually as the cricket was my only reason for staying up all night. 

I’ve marked the entrance and exit on the chart below manually as I’m writing this at the close of play.  23 points, £20 a point, £460.  And Cook?  104 not out.  

And for good measure, here is Cook in full flow.  Being dropped on 66.  Right about the time our stop was hit.  No mistake there sadly.