Boxing day patience pays off in GBP/USD

With Australia ending the boxing day test day one at 244 for 3 wickets from 89.0 overs at 5am UK, I went to bed feeling pretty tired and a little deflated.  Fast forwards until 1pm when I got out of bed and did something I would never normally do on a public holiday.  I chucked up a chart of GBP/AUD to see if our currency could do any better than our cricket team.

Nothing doing there so I checked the GBP/USD chart as I prepared to walk the 15 minutes to see Chelsea play at Stamford Bridge.  A trade looked to be brewing and it hit all of our entry criteria just before leaving for the match.  At 1430 I entered long £10 a point at the market. 

As it’s a bank holiday here and markets can be jumpy, I did a half size trade. 

Fully automated, trailing stop with no profit target in this case as I couldn’t watch it.

The end result?  Taken out of the trade at about 1913 whilst at dinner, celebrating a relaxed 2-0 win for Chelsea over Brighton.  A nice profit on the day as the trade was a 28 point (£280) winner.  Minus ticket at £50 and dinner/drinks at £90, I ended the day £140 up.  Tax free thanks to spread betting.  Tomorrow?  I may well go to the sales.  Depends on the cricket…..