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EnigmaSignal takes Algotrading in Markets, to the level of Deep Blue in Chess. It will be the standard for any other algo to beat.

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See recent examples of EnigmaSignal charts :

EnigmaSignal Quant Trader – Manual Mode

When you run EnigmaSignal in manual mode with EnigmaSignal Quant Trader™ connected, your trading screen will look similar to the chart above. On the screen, you can see the Quant Trader user panel and of course the charts screen.
The trade shown is a projected high breakout trade. Notice the red line marked “projected high”. These projections are made for any time period and they are made in advance. These key numbers are calculated by our trading algos. Here we have a daily projection, and we are trading the hourly chart. On close over the projected high EnigmaSignal™ will suggest a trade entry for you, and “load up” the trade panel ready for you to trade. When you trade you are in a business where you risk money on your judgement. EnigmaSignal™ will only show you high probability trades that meet your criteria. If you like the trade – you take the trade by pressing BUY/SELL. If you want to use your current trading platform then that’s just fine. EnigmalSignal™ will show you trade opportunities and the rest is in your control.

EnigmaSignal Quant Trader – Auto Mode

Operating EnigmaSignal Quant Trader in Autonomous Trade™ mode is a quantum leap in trading for most traders. With Autonomous Trade™, you remain in complete control of what, when and how you trade. You just don’t have to be in front of a screen.

You select the type of trade you want Autonomous Trade™ to make. You set all parameters for the trade. Then Autonomous Trade™ will trade exactly as you have specified. Things you can set include maximum daily risk, maximum risk per trade, times to avoid trading, risk-reward ration and more. This is a level of sophistication usually only available to banks, hedge funds and the super wealthy. Trading is a risky business. EnigmaSignal™ is designed to control risk.

Here, Autonomous Trade™ has entered a trade and calculated the trade will generate 158 ticks of profit. The target is set (in blue) and the trade is entered. Stops are automatic (orange) and all orders are automatic. In this case the target is hit, profit banked and Autonomous Trade™ waits for the next opportunity.

The team at EnigmaSignal™ have been designing trading products and systems and trading them since 2003. EnigmaSignal is the culmination of this development. EnigmaSignal is a quantum leap forward for traders. Our quants have Phd’s in a mix of disciplines. Mathematics, financial mathematics and physics. EnigmaSignal has been designed to deliver algo trading for people without a Phd in Mathematics.

Why did we build EnigmaSignal?

Simple. Manual trading, relying on “visual queues” is hard work. Often too hard to make profits. A system that doesn’t guide and assist the trader is almost impossible to trade consistently. Some systems we have seen even generate signals then remove them. How crazy is that? Others use simple things like ATR (average true range) for risk control. It is simple. But ineffective. EnigmaSignal Quant Trader™ uses quantitative trading strategies to generate trading signals with parameters you are in control of. Traders globally have spent untold hours and millions of dollars trying to find trend reversals, with minimal success. Part of the reason is that the traditional trend-spotting tools have been inaccurate…or slow…or both. EnigmaSignal spots trends, reversals and “no trade” zones. Not just that but our algorithms predict where the market is going.

EnigmaSignal Quant Trader™ can be operated in three modes. In Manual Mode, trade setups are highlighted on the screen. Everything else is down to you. In Trader Assist™ mode, trades are highlighted and a trade is readied for you. You decide if you wish to take the trade or not. Finally, there is an Autonomous Trade™ mode. In this mode, Quant Trader™ will both spot trades for you and both enter and run them in the manner that you have told it to.

In all cases, you remain in complete control. Only trades with parameters that you decide on are shown to you. Stops are always shown and used. The risk is tightly controlled. Trading is a high-risk business. Minimising losses (and you will always have losses) is a key part of success. Controlling risk is central to EnigmaSignal Quant Trader™. The risk of every trade is calculated for you before you enter.

Trading Solutions

Four reasons EnigmaSignal Quant Trader™ is a winning system


You are probably here because you want to trade and you have a passion to succeed in trading. You know that trading is a high-risk enterprise. If you are looking for an accurate and highly profitable winning trading system or if you are looking for a system that confirms the signals generated by your existing trading decision-making tools, you need to be aware of these important criteria in selecting the right trading decision-making system.


ONE: The ability to back-test PERSONALISED SYSTEM STRATEGIES against recent data


Professional trading systems allow you to test your strategies. Some systems cannot do this and their salesmen rely on pointing at charts and saying “buy here”, “sell here”. That is pure fantasy and relies on being able to see the whole chart. You will never replicate their “results”.


EnigmaSignal Quant Trader™, and other good systems have complete backtesting. You can see exactly how a trade would have worked. You replay historical data exactly as it happens. The results are a good indication of how a trading strategy would perform in the real world.


TWO: The system should give you specific and executable signals and strategies
The signals and strategies should be clear and not change should you review them. Systems where signals “disappear” are dangerous to your finances. EnigmaSignal displays exact signals and strategies. It explains the trade type is has detected, then why you should consider entering the trade.


THREE: Help for you in managing the trade along every step of the way
Once you are in a trade there is a lot to think about. Where should my stop be? What is happenign to the momentum of the trade? Should I take profits? All of these questions play havoc with your emotions. Unsophisticated systems give you really easy rules such as “put your stop 20 points away” or “look for 100 pips profit”. This is amateur trading and plays into the hands of your emotions as you hope a rule works. In a high risk business such as trading you need to do much better than hope. EnigmaSignal Quant Trader™ removes emotion and replaces it with math that you can rely on. Once you see it work over and over you know it will guide you through taking a trade, setting trade targets, positioning stops and taking profits.


FOUR: Industrial Strength
When you select a decision-making system it needs to be robust and flexible. You want a system that can react to market events. EnigmaSignal adapts to market change. From it’s ability to manage risk, set trade targets, cut a trade when it isn’t developing and so much more, EnigmaSignal has many awesome features that give it industrial strength.